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Mortgage Protection Plan

Benefits of mortgage protection insurance..

Taking out a mortgage is, for many people, one of the largest financial decisions they will make. For many households, the repayments are their largest monthly expense. It is for this reason that a form of mortgage protection insurance is worth considering.

What if the income earner in your family had an accident or became ill and couldn’t work for a while? How would your family cope with a sudden loss of income - for what may be many months - while they got back on their feet? Without mortgage protection insurance?

Because without mortgage protection insurance, the worry to make your repayments is an additional pressure you and your family really don’t need.

Why do you need mortgage protection insurance? For most people the mortgage payment is their biggest monthly expense and mortgage protection insurance is there to protect you & your family and not the mortgage provider. By having mortgage protection it will help avoid the financial strain, a major illness can create so that you can focus on your recovery. It can simplify and safeguard your Home and Your Lifestyle.

“It provides the peace of mind that your family should not generally have to sell the family home, should any of these events occur and you are adequately covered”

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Accident & illness can happen to anyone. Cover yourself with the best insurance packages available. So you don’t have to worry about paying bills or unwanted cost when                              unfortunate situations arise.

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