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Redundancy Cover

In the increasingly competitive global marketplace, redundancy isn’t the exception - it’s the norm. Those who wish to plan for their future must protect themselves against defaulting on mortgage payments, credit card fees, and other financial obligations in the event that you lose your job due to redundancy.

Many people opt for redundancy cover in order to assure the protection of their long term assets. While no one plans on losing a job, being able to guarantee that a mortgage will be paid regardless of your current employment situation can provide a considerable source of relief.

People who have children or loved ones who depend on their care frequently opt for redundancy cover. Losing a job is always stressful, but being unable to provide for dependents is an extremely stressful situation. Being able to mitigate the impact of that situation in advance ultimately provides the greatest degree of comfort to all parties involved, regardless of the current economic climate.

Disrupting a child’s early life can be detrimental to their overall growth and future success, just as having to abruptly transfer an ailing relative to a different care facility can be destructive to their recovery and health. Redundancy cover insurance provides much needed assurance in a difficult time.

Redundancy Cover can be structured to provide monthly payments for a total of 6 months.

“Redundancy Cover gives great peace of mind, knowing that you will still have an income that pays the mortgages and household bills, should you be become laid off or be unable to continue working”

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